Political History of Assam




This is an attempt to provide complete analysis covering various aspects of political history of Assam from as early as the pre-historic period to the 20th century and made comprehensive according to necessity. The study is referenced from various official reports, documents and records with special reference to those authored by Sir Edward Gait. Any omission, mistake or error of any nature may be brought to our notice and we would welcome the same from authoritative sources being incorporated in no time.

Study Political History of Assam in Assamese script:

Assam during pre-historic period

Between 700AD & 1200AD

Between 1300AD & 1500 AD

The Koch kingdom

Beginning of the Ahom kingdom

Period of battle with the Muslims

The problems during the Ahom kingdom

The decline of the Ahom kingdom

The administration of the Ahom dynasty

The Kacharis

The Jayantias



Burmese war

The invasion of the British

Relationship of the British with the tribals of the border

Prominent happenings of the modern period

Prosperity of the Tea industrialists


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