Apply for Membership of the Vedanti Community and win prizes worth Rs.15,000/- (US$ 300) every fortnight and additionally Rs. 1,00,000/- (US$ 2000) in a year . A member will further be able to download mp3 Assamese scores to the count of 1,000 , access to Movie-on-demand services, free hosting & designing of personal home pages, discounts in cyber-cafes, shopping centers and computer courses etc. The lead members and winners get public felicitation and media coverage including TV.

It is mandatory that citizens of India residing in this country use Membership forms which are separately available and may be obtained through a number of outlets in the country or  by sending mail to the webmaster. On-line submission for membership shall be entertained only from Non-resident Indians (NRI) against payment in US $ only.

General information, the pioneer and the only complete web portal of North east India, has launched a unique membership scheme to incorporate a Vedanti Community. The membership for the community shall be on an annual basis from the date of enlistment, after which it can be renewed.

During the period of membership, a member shall be able to facilitate the following depending on the category of membership applied for. Please note that during the tenure of membership, the categories may not be switched.

Membership categories:

(A) General & (B) Executive

Membership fee :

General category -Rs. 750/- or US$ 15 

Executive category -Rs. 1,500/- or US$ 30.

An Executive member enjoys the following :                               

a) Participation in Vedanti Mega Draw

b) Participation in Vedanti Super Draw

c) Download access to mp3 Assamese Music and scores

d) Access to Movie-on-demand services from Assamese cine & TV world

e) Designing & Hosting of space limited personal home pages.

f) Discounts in computer courses, shopping centers and cyber-cafes.

g) Free email ID

h) Public felicitation

i) Profile of lead members in media.

A General member enjoys the following :                               

a) Participation in Vedanti Mega Draw

b) Download access to mp3 Assamese Music and scores

c) Discounts in computer courses, shopping centers and cyber-cafes.

d) Free email ID

e) Public felicitation

f) Profile of lead members in media.

Membership fee is not refundable, however a member, if desires so, may retire from membership by returning the membership card. Neither claim for compensation nor any correspondence on the same shall be entertained from any member after retirement.   

Process for obtaining membership

1.        The applicant, after filling up the Vedanti Membership form along with payment, one copy of recent stamp sized photograph duly affixed and an additional copy of the same photograph, shall deposit the same at the location from where obtained or at the parent office given hereunder. In either case, the applicant shall carry the form receipt that was detached from the form during submission, to the parent office to obtain Vedanti Membership card and the secret Password to access the web site to facilitate the services. Please note that the additional copy of photograph shall be required only for preparing the Membership card and therefore shall have to be brought in to the parent office. The unique password for every member should not be disclosed for others to gain access to the services and the DRAWS which attract huge prize money. It will be the Membership card, on the strength and production of which, a member gets various discounts in computer courses, shopping centers and cyber-cafes and therefore should be carefully preserved. For NRIs all correspondences are either in the form of postal mail or email.

2.        Rs. 100/- (US$3) shall be charged extra in case of duplicate issue of Membership card if required else the original card is lost.


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Vedanti Mega & Super Draws

1.        All members of the Vedanti community shall be able to participate in the Mega & Super Draws by entering the site. Only genuine members with password can have access to the services & events mentioned above. The prizes worth for the Vedanti Mega Draw is Rs.15,000/- (US$ 300) every fifteen days and that for the Vedanti Super Draw is Rs.1,00,000/- (US$ 2000) in a year.

2.        In order to claim prizes, a member logs in and takes quizzes every fortnight. The Mega Draw quizzes are on a 15-day basis and there may be different sets of on-line tests appearing in the site from time to time only between 11AM & 7PM IST and may or may not be on a daily basis. NRIs will have to attempt to take quizzes in their local time at par with Indian Standard Time. Thus, there may be one set of on-line quizzes today, two or more tomorrow, nothing on day after tomorrow and so on & so fore. This is secret and every member shall have to peep in the site now and then.

3.        Every set of quizzes shall have Form serial numbers and must be noticed in order to locate changes, if any, in the quizzes.

4.        Every set of quizzes for a particular Form number shall be time bound, say 10 minutes or more or less, which will appear at the top and a member is supposed to answer within that period. Since every member after attempting the tests shall have to submit on-line by pressing the right button, only answers completed during the period of time shall be sent. Please note that a quiz for a particular Form number must reach us on-line during the prescribed and this can happen only after pressing the submit button.

5.        Only answers to quizzes submitted between 11AM & 7PM IST shall be accepted. If any member attempts more than once on the same Form serial quiz test, the answers sent on the first occasion shall be accepted only.  

6.        In order to score high, every Form serial quiz should be attempted and sent and the web site must be logged in time and again. For every 15 days, there shall not be more than 200 questions with 10 questions in every Form serial quiz appearing in a single occasion once, twice, thrice, more or none every day. On the average, every Form serial quiz shall carry 15 points summing up to 300 points in one Mega Draw every fortnight. Normally questions shall be a mix of objective and subjective types from general knowledge.

7.        The qualifying point to claim prizes is 50% of the total points assigned in a particular Mega Draw. The total points every Mega Draw might be less but never more than 300.

8.        The top five scorers every 15 days in a Vedanti Mega Draw selected among the qualifiers shall be entitled for total prizes worth Rs.15,000/- (US$ 300) i.e. there shall be five prizes in total and the compounded value of the prizes is Rs. 15,000/- (US$ 300). The nature of the prizes shall be visible in the web site and there shall be different prizes for every Mega Draw.

9.        During a full year of membership, there shall be a total of 24 Mega Draws. However, the promoters would like to confirm 24 Draws in total during tenure of membership but they may be in extended period due to acts of God, technical or other difficulties. Therefore, there may be lapses in periodicity of quizzes & Draws and the Form serial must be noted so that a member has in effect attempted all in the growing sequence and order of appearance in the web site.

10.     There is an option of getting the scores of every quiz at the email ID of a member if he desires so.

11.     Executive members may additionally take Vedanti Super Draw quizzes following the same procedure except that there shall different password, a total of 5000 points and at least 1000 Form serial quizzes in a year. Qualifiers obtaining 50% points shall be eligible for 10 total prizes of total worth Rs. 1, 00,000/- (US$ 2000) to be given to 10 top scorers at the end of the year. To claim for the prizes, Executive members will have to participate in various public events including personality tests and interviews as well. Notifications for these will appear in the web site from time to time.

12.     All prize winners, both for Vedanti Mega and Super Draws shall be felicitated in public functions from time to time and there shall be Media & TV coverage of their profile too.

13.     For all draw events, the decision of the organizers and promoters shall be final and binding to all participants. Disputes if any shall be affected under Guwahati jurisdiction only.   

14.     No employees or their relatives among the organizers shall be able to participate in any way whatsoever, in these events.

15.     Please note that, the above rules may be over-ridden and any addition to the above clauses or any changes thereof shall appear in the web site from time to time which should be consulted. The organizers reserve the right to alter, delete, add, modify, nullify the clauses mentioned herein as well as disqualify a member arising out of any dispute or otherwise. All members are expected to follow proper netiquette while availing services on the net.

16.     Please note that no evaluation shall be made half way through in any of the Draw events and no final scoring points shall be ever disclosed.

Other services:

1.        mp3 files containing Assamese scores and music may be downloaded or listened on-line by all members with password entity only.

2.        Attempts have been made to include 1000 numbers in the library of mp3 files from popular and renowned Assamese artists around.

3.        The number of mp3 files at the beginning shall be less but will gradually count 1000 which shall occupy more than 50 GB of listening pleasure and shall be considered an archive of Assamese music by itself.

4.        Movie-on-demand services shall include on-line watching of popular Assamese movies and TV serials. You may not download the same and you will require configuring or updating your system as per details available in the site. Executive members shall have separate password for this service. Movies presented shall be of classical value.

5.        Every member is entitled for a email ID like

6.        An Executive member may get his or her personal limited web page designed and hosted by us free and shall remain as a sub-domain in the World Wide Web for ever. The address will be The member shall have to get in touch with the promoters in order to facilitate this service.

7.        All members are eligible to various discounts in computer courses, shopping centers and cyber-cafes. Computer course fee discount of 10% is available for DOEACC O level and other wide variety of programs at Multibyte Computers, GNB Road, Silpukhuri, Guwahati 781003 Ph: 662105, 662156.  A list of shopping centers and cyber-cafes where discounts are offered is available separately and may be obtained from the promoter office on request by a member. Please note that, you will carry Membership card to avail these discounts. These discounts are time barred and may or may not continue for full year and the nature of the discounts may be upto 25% on items purchased from these shopping centers. Selected cyber-cafes shall offer various discounts on hourly basis for internet activities.

8.        Please note that the discounts as stated above are only meant for the city of Guwahati. NRIs shall have no access whatsoever with the discount offers.

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