Traditional ornaments of Assam


22nd Jan 2011



Assamese women are great lover of ornaments. Assam has a rich collection of traditional jewelry. Ornaments of Assam are unique and exclusive to the state. These jewelries hold a special place in the heart of the Assamese women. Generally, these ornaments are worn during the cultural and religious events. The ornaments of Assam are made by Gold, Silver, valuable stones, bronze, brass bell metal. Sometimes Diamonds and Pearls are also used. Some of the famous ornaments of Assam are:



Ornaments of the Neck:


Jonbiri: Jonbiri is a new moon shaped neck locket, made of gold. This Jonbiri is a traditional ornament of Assamese women.



Dholbiri: Dholbiri is a dhol (a special assamese drum, musical instrument) shaped neck locket made of gold. Another name of a dholbiri is motabiri. Motabiri is bigger in size and it was made without any gems studded to it. Motabiri was traditionally worn by men folk and hence it was known as motabiri. But nowadays gems are studded in the dholbiri and are worn by women 




Doogdoogi: A heart shaped neck locket. It is made in gold and pearls are studded into it.  It is worn by putting it in a chain or a necklace.



Golpota: A traditional Assamese necklace made of gold. It is stuck around the neck. Different types of floral designs are inscribed in it. It has been found in books that there are two types of Golpotas that were prevalent since olden times—Rotnomoy golpota and Guliya Golpota


There are many other ornamental necklaces with decorated lockets of various shape with different valuable attached to it. These are:



Ornaments of finger:


The names of the ornaments of the finger are represents not only the materials but also the shape and ornamental peculiarity of the ring. Some of the ornaments of finger are:


·        Simple ring of gold, silver, copper, elephant teeth etc.

·        Bakhorua ring: Bakhorua ring is a stone fixed ring.

·        Chiripote

·        Shenepata

·        Padumkalia: Parchakua is look like flower bud of Lotus.

·        Baboribacha: Baboribacha is look like Barori leaf of Babori flower.

·        Parchakua

·        Jethinejia: This ornament of finger is like appendage of Lizard.

·        Mouranejia: Mouranejia is one type of finger ring, which is look like the peacock tail.

·        Hirapota: Hirapota is one type of diamond ring.

·         Padumphulia: Padumphulia is look like the petals of Lotus.

·        Mach bakolia etc.


Ornaments of ear:


There are various types of traditional ornaments of ears, which are used by the womenfolk of Assam. These are:



·      Thuriya: A pair of earrings made of gold. Traditionally older women wore this ornament. This ornament is made with a special type of gem studded in it.


Ornaments of hand:


The ornaments of hand are known as Kharu or Kangkan in Assam. The name of the various Traditional Kangkan of Assam are depends upon the size, shape and ornamental beauty. The main traditional kharu of Assam are: