A few records about Assam.

This is a narrative of a set of various records not normally noticed about the state of Assam.






Sluggards built "Dhodar Ali"




Largest Joint Family




Tallest Shiva Temple




Largest Naamghar


Blind but...


Robin's Miraculous Drawing


Olympic Football Captain


Oldest Gold Medalist


Amphibious Vehicle


Longest Wooden Bridge


Bridge from Single Stone


Bamboo Compass


First Embossed Book Cover


Poetry Written Reverse


Lowest Priced Magazine


Youngest Writer


Writer of Highest Book


Longest Sentence


Record with Reverse Letters




Tinsukia to Dhuburi on Foot


Sing without Opening Mouth


Needle Through the Face


Floating above Water


'Dev Anand' of Jorhat


Chilli Girl


The 'Gandhi' of Assam


Funeral World Record


Writing with Leg


First Farmer Revolution


Robin's Children Museum


Personal Museum


Letters to Editor


Longest Kept Diary


In One Minute


Rice Drawing


World's Smallest River Island


Wonder Boy Bashabraj


Smallest Spoons, Knives


Continuously 24 Hours


Longest Scratch Art


World's Smallest Durga Idol


Badminton Practicing Machine


Most Kites on Single String


Lamp Burning Longest Duration


Pomegranate De-Seeder


Longest One Shot Film


Brass Lamp


Bihu by 2,265 Artists


Most Women Singing Dihanaam


Largest Guitar Ensemble


Jacquard Looms Weft Insertion


Planted 40,885 Trees in 1 Hour


World's Smallest 3D Painting


World's Largest Paint Brush


329 Punches in One Minute


Record With Multiple Events


Walks Backwards 24 Hours


Fastest Marathon Hill Roads


Longest Horn Pipe Marathon


Blowing Fire From Mouth


Pulling a Train Wagon


Needles Through the Face




Anandita (Tamuli) Dutta of Titabar, is planning to create a world record by eating 60 ‘Bhot Jolokiya’ (a kind of large and very hot chilly). Anandita can effortlessly mesh 24 ‘Bhot Jolokiya’ to her eyes with a minute. Mentionable, ‘Bhot Jolokiya’ is most acrid chilly in the world. According to the data of Guinness World Records, Anita Crafford from South Africa has the record of eating the highest number of chilies. On 10 August 2002, she created this record by eating eight chilies in a minute. Guinness World Records has already sent invitation to Anandita to showcase her rare ability. Similarly, Anandita has gained huge recognition by performing in an around many countries, places and television shows.




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