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Manikee Bordoloi

Early age and family :

“Sokolu Apun                      zot noro- nari

Kaknu bulim por

Porom pitar                    sakolu santan

            Prithibi amar ghar”

                                                             (Sukh:AnandaChundra Agarwall)

Manikee Bordoloi is a compassionate women, who is always ready to offer helping hand to one all. When people asked about her date of birth she replied humorously-“I was born on an auspicious moment about 7 decades ago." 

Mrs. Bordoloi is the youngest one among the eight children of late Bholanath Das and Late Bogimai Das of Amulapatty, Nagaon. She was born in 1924. She has two elder brothers and five sisters. All of them are very laborious. They are all expert in weaving, tailoring, embroidery, cooking and many others fields. Late Bogimai Das, the mother of Manikee Bordoloi was an expert weaver and she helped in running her family smoothly by selling muga clothes woven by herself. It must be noted that Mainkee Bordoloi is a capable daughter of late Bogimai Das. She is an expert weaver , spinner and planter and received many prizes. Her father was a Mohorar. Inspite of his busy working life, he could manage to make his home an ideal one.

Form childhood Mrs.Bordoloi received religious education from her parents. In her words- “Though my father was a Mohorar, he also tended a lot of cows successfully. He used to get up early in the morning, cleaned the cowshed, fed  the cows and had his breakfast after the morning prayer.The image of her father which remained alive in her mind attracted her towards God. She actually received a very good education from an honest father, who had ultimately influenced her to become a pious lady.

Education and beginning of working life:

Manikee Bordoloi got enrolled herself in Nagoan College for further study after her matriculation from Calcutta University in 1943. The Nagoan College established by late Deban Borah, was at a very initial stage. Women education was very poor before 70s. There were only 10 girl students in that college. She became nostalgic when she remembered late Usha Borthakur, Head Mistress of her girls high school, who inspired her in the sphere of education, health, sports etc. Her formal education came to an end after successful completion of her I.A. course.

Mrs. Manikee Bordoloi did not confine herself only to formal education. She was also involved in many co-curricular activities like – music, dance, acting etc. She is an acknowledge actress and acted in many popular acts like – Othello, Bobrubahon, Arjun which she performed in different stages. She is also an expert bihu dancer. When her youngest son Mr. Pankaj Bordoloi, a radio artist and Mrs. Dipali Bordoloi (one of her daughters in law) used to sing songs, Manikee Bordoloi also performed bihu dance in the same stage and received lots of applaud and appreciation from the audience.

She joined in Nagoan school as a teacher while she was perusing I.A. course. She could ably manage both her teaching and study together. It is also worth mentioning here that Mrs. Bordoloi suspended from her job due to her participation in the non-co-operation movement led by Mahatma Gandhi. But she was never deviated from her ambition. Her determination towards work can be compared with the following stanza:

“Mukhat amar          jibonar bani

Sakut sristir dhal

Hator muthit            dhanso gorhoner

Ashar bishal dol.”

                                                                                      (Dr.Birendra Kr. Bhattacharjya)


Married life and later part of working life:

Love blossomed in her life when Manikee met Mr Horendra Nath Bordoloi of Sonari gaon, Koliabor, She got attracted towards MrBordoloi due to his personality. As a result she got married with him as per social norms. Mr. Bordoloi was an employee of Kathalguri T.E. Sontpur district.

Though Mrs. Bordoloi regined from Nagoan school immediately after her marriage, but she did not give up her teaching life. In the month of Decmber 1961, she joined in Bindukuri M.E. School as teacher. Within a short period Bindukuri school got promoted to High English School from Middle English School with the co-operation and initiative of the people of Bindukuri area and teacher like Manikee Bordoloi. She was an inspiration for the students of Bindukuri School.  Under her guidance, the students of the school participated in the school tournament and got prizes too.

Mrs. Manikee Bordoloi is the mother of three sons and four daughters. All four daughters got married to well competent persons. Now, she has a very juicy and mirthful family with her husband, sons, tree well qualified daughters in law, grandsons and grand –daughters.

She does not support single child family. According to her, the notion “Small family is a happy family” propagated by social welfare dept. is baseless and detrimental to the social process. Because, most of the families are now having single child and they are quite ignorant about the love and affection of their brothers and sisters. They always become selfish and self –centered.

After long years of her service as a teacher, Mrs. Manikee Bordoloi retired from Bindukuri high school in 1982. With this, her service life came to an end. Now she is a permanent resident of Gopinath Bordoloi Nagor, Tezpur.

Social life:

Mrs. Manikee Bordoloi is also associated with different organizations of Sonitpur and more particularly Tezpur. She is a life member of “Sodou Asom Lekhika Sarmaroh Samittee” and now she is the Vice President of “Sodou Asom Lekhika Sarmaroh Samittee”, Tezpur Sakha. She is also an adviser of Sodou Asom Lekhika Sarmaroh Samittee of Tezpur District Council. Mrs, Manikee Bordoloi is popularly known as Manikee jethai among the “Kanyapur Moina Parijat”. She is also indirectly associated with different women organizations and present she is the president of Sri Monoto Sankar Sangha of Tezpur Mahila Sakha. She takes active part in the regular Nam-Kirtan (Prayer) of local Namghars with her neighbours of Gopinath Bordoloi Nagar, Majgaon, Darrang college road etc. she always motivates and inspires the students to take the pleasure of social life through music, dance, sports or any other cultural activities.

Mrs. Manokee Bordoloi is always grateful to Mrs. Kamala Baurah of Darang College Road, who actually introduced her with social life. Her association with different organizations inspired Mrs. Manikee Bordoloi to come to the field of literature. She was able to enter the Assamese poetic world as a new poet by composing a few poem with in a short period at a matured age.

Mrs. Manikee Bordoloi is also a very good orator. Her brief and insightful lecture is very popular among the people.

It has already been mentioned that Mrs.Manikee Bordoloi is a good bihu dancer.She brought numerous admires from the audience by performing bihu dance in different cultural functions. Her body is still strong and no disease can catch immediately, she feels that it is just because of her regular practice of dance at one point of time.

According to Bordoloi, social life is very important for every individual. But multi-faced social life has been degenerating and become grip les. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the literary group to take necessary steps prevention of moral degradation of the society. She has also clearly expressed this feeling in her book Antarg. Man is a social animal. She believes that social bouding is the key to make the country united. Mrs. Manikee Bordoli has been working for unity and integrity through out her life, which she has expressed through her different articles published in book Antorag.

She likes to take calculative steps in her approach and never accepts any defeat in executions.

She always prefers to walk rather than traveling by vehicle in manageable distance. She used to get first prizes in “Running Competition” during her school life always.

Spiritual Life:

“Hei Krishna tumi matra saitnya swarup Nitya

Satya sudha Jnaan Akhondita

Aur jetek etu tumar Binod rup

Sorasor mayare kolpita”

Mrs. Manikee Bordoloi is strong follower of Lord Krishna. She is a dedicated spirit with a deep love of lord Krishna.

She has deep quest of religious truth and believes that lack of tolerance, sympathy and respect for self and other religion are the root causes of social turmoil. According to her, by the purification and illumination of the soul, man can attain perfection, Man derives his immense significance from being the medium of God-realization. She worshipped God regularly. She is also an active member of Sri Monta Sankar Sangha and always takes part in the sessions of Sankar Sangha . She believes “God is with him, who has nobody with him”.

Literary Life:

Women are creative by nature. Every individual is born with talents. Women are also not an exception. But due to lack of opportunity, proper education, courage, lack of financial support they fail to express themselves.

Mrs. Manikee Bordoloi has emerged as a new writer at a very matured age due to the motivation and inspiration of Sodou Asom Lekhika Somaruh Samittee. She wrote three books namely Akashi, Biyanam and Antarag. She also composed many poems which are published by Sodou Asom Mahila Kabi Somodal”. The poetic talent of Mrs. Bordoloi is very much evident in her book Akashi.Another book “Biyanam” which are very popular among Assamese society.

Manikee Bordoloi is a great patriot. She nicely depicted her patriotism and respect for old culture and heritage in her poems published in her book Kabita Samodal. She is pained to witness the debasement, degradation and demoralization in the present society. She lamented for this in her poems thus “Jan Zen Uri Uri Santir Melaloi Aru Zen nahu ghuri mur eai patit desoloi”.

Antarag is a compilation of eight thought- provoking articles of Mrs. Manikee Bordoloi. Writer Bordoloi has nicely explained the duty of women , position and status of women in the society through her articles” Women and Women education, Status of Women in Married Life, Attitude of husband and the wife in managing family life, Role of Women in Maintaining Peace and Discipline and its Impact on Children , Ideal Women Draupadi etc.

According to Mrs. Manikee Bordoloi women is the steering wheel of her family. Indecent women are like smell – less flowers. Educated women are undoubtedly blessings for the society.

She stated that most of the people have apathy towards the religion and culture today. Her concept about women education is really praise-worthy. According to her women education means the education which enables women to develop physically, mentally, ethically and spiritually and makes her a good citizen.

Philosophy of Life:

Mrs. Manikee Bordoloi has a deep faith in Bhogowat. Her personality always reflects in her neat and clean dress, gentle walk. She is a good home maker, friendly mother, weaver and also a good dancer.

`Her notion of handloom is similar to the notion of Hirawati Gohain Baruah of 18th century.

“Jibanar Logori           Tantasl Durpati

Sanosaror Logori tant

Tantoke Nobole         thakibo numaru

Go-mon nopore sant

Tantoke boute          bhat erisilu

Nabandhu mukoli suli

Logori spte                 nokoru dhemali

Gamusa nulabo buli

Rup johi jai             nathake sadai

Nathake somane somane bhuk

Provur saranot             ayehe minoti

Tante zen nere muk.”

Mrs. Manikee Bordoloi is a very simple women. Therefore, her compositions are also very easy to understand. She is really an inspiration for all. Age for her never been a constraint and still Manikee Bordoloi is leading an energetic and fruitful life.


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