The Assam State Commission for Women - Women Empowerment


In August 1990 the Parliament of India had passed the National Commission for Women Act in response to the demand of women's organizations and social workers. Accordingly on 31st January, 1992, the National Commission for Women was set up. On 24th November, 1993 on the occasion of Women's Day during the "Quami Ekta" week the Assam Government also promulgated an Ordinance for constitution of the State Commission for women. Finally on 25th January, 1994 the State Government had passed the Act in the State Legislative Assembly and the State Government constituted a nine member Committee for a period of three years under the Chairpersonship of Smt. Mridula Saharia. Hence the Assam State commission for women came into existence in the year 1994.

The present Committee was formed on 4th July, 1994

The Assam State Commission for Women was constituted as stated above under the status of the State assembly. It has a wide ranging mandate and has been empowered with the powers to have a say on any maters related to the women specially in the fields of education, health, socio-economic aspects, legal justice and so on aiming at economic and social upliftment of women setting the goal of raising the status of women.

Some of the mandates, under State Commission for Women's Act, 1994 are as follows :-


To investigate and examine all matters relating to the legal safeguards provided for Women under the Constitution.


To present and report upon the state Govt. upon the working of these Safeguards.


To review existing provisions of the constitution and other laws affecting Women and recommended amendments to meet any lacunae, inadequacies in such laws.


To look into complaints and take suo moto notice of matters
relating to deprivation of women's rights, non-implementation of law relating to women and to take up issue with appropriate authorities to achieve the objective of equality and development.


To look into non-compliance of policy decisions, guidelines on instructions aimed at mitigating hardships and ensuring welfare and providing relief to the women and take up such issue with appropriate authority.


To participate and advise on the planning process of Socio-economic Development of Women and evaluate the progress made.


To inspect Jail, remand home etc. where women are kept under custody and seek remedial action, where necessary from time to time and the matter is still under process in the Social Welfare Dept. though queries were met from time to time.

The Commission constituted a Legal Advisory Committee for counseling and to give legal advice to the various complaints received in the office of the Commission. In many cases it is observed that proper guidance and legal assistance to the distressed women have helped the complainant to settle and reconcile their cases without going through legal procedures.


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